Try Dying  

Bart Rezco, is a wise-ass, risk-taking private investigator in Houston, Texas, during the seventies. He destroys two careers, two marriages, and all his money treading the city’s dangerous business and social waters.

He resigns from Mayor Jeff Wiseman’s dirty tricks reelection campaign with enough evidence to sink the mayor’s election. Bart joins the political opposition as a first step, falling in love with Mayor Wiseman’s wife, Kaye, maybe his last step.

Conspiracies, shootings, blackmailers, car “accidents”, murders, and a near fatal beating delays Bart’s efforts to win Kaye and thwart the mayor’s schemes. Caught between adversarial forces, his love for Kaye, and devotion to his handicapped daughter, Marleen, Bart struggles to prove worthy.

Bodies are falling and the climactic scene looms. Bart has to make a choice.

Desperate, Bart plans to assassinate the evil mayor, but moral instincts prevail. Instead, he will leverage the mayor with blackmail. His best friend and mentor, Malcolm Hodge, wisely derails that plan.

The mayor takes drastic revenge, assaults his wife, and then sets Bart up for the kill and the blame. But the PI springs his own counter measures. In the resulting shootout, the mayor and his deadly henchman, Big Ralph, go after Bart and Kaye. Will the loving couple survive?

Clifton Don Nixon spent most of his first thirty years of life in Houston, Texas. There, he worked for several oil companies, independent and major. Sensing the withdrawal of the city’s welcome mat, he opted for a marketing career with Mattel Toymakers, Hawthorne, Ca. only to reverse directions by hiring on with an elite fifth avenue New York retailer famous for manufacturing silver, named Georg Jensen. As word spread that he couldn’t keep a job, the writer-to-be migrated to Dallas, Texas, to establish a business in his own name and later incorporated into Merchandise Resources, Inc.

Although exceptionally well-educated by Texas-state supported Universities, not an oxy-moron, University of Houston, Sam Houston State University, and Texas A&M University, Clifton Nixon completed the Fiction Writing Track at Southern Methodist University’s Continuing School of Education.

This author has written two crime mysteries, both set in Houston, Texas, and one fantasy thriller, also a romantic thriller taking place in the Mayan pyramids. He has also penned a dozen short stories. Since Mr. Nixon no longer guarantees the money back promise on his books, he no longer wishes to share his whereabouts.

The writer formerly known as Clif Nixon remains in seclusion — Witness Protection. Please remain advised that this author writes fiction and his similarity to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.